Thrice Blessed Press

Alchemy Coloring Book forthcoming Summer 2019

We invite you to transform your free time into spiritual gold with these coloring pages. Alchemical emblems of the 16th and 17th centuries combined science and mysticism in a highly creative, and sometimes bizarre, series of symbols. Throughout the years these symbols have taken on a wealth of meanings in esotericism, surrealism, and depth psychology. Ceremonial magicians weave the glyphs and sigils of alchemical codes into their rituals. Jungian analysts look at how the laboratory becomes a site for the projection of the unconscious mind. Historians of science are discovering the chemical and theoretical sophistication of these ancient texts and rewriting the story of the Scientific Revolution. And artists take inspiration from the bizarre and vibrant, even monstrous creatures that populate the emblem books. So let your stress dissolve like the green lion who devours the Sun, climb the mountain of alchemical initiation, and pour yourself into a flask like the breath of a dragon.

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